Love Flo's story

Hi, I’m Zoe the face behind Love Flo, I work from my home studio in Hampshire. Flo is what my sister has always called me and actually one of the earlier pieces I made was as a birthday present for her so it seemed appropriate to include love as it would have been love from flo and to symbolise the love and care that goes into all of my designs.

I’ve always had a passion for creating and have tried many crafts. There is nothing quite like dreaming something up and bringing it to life. My jewellery journey started when I was at a pottery class that I really enjoyed, I wanted to try to incorporate it into jewellery and in 2017 I booked myself onto a course. It was love at first sight and I have never looked back! 

Silver is such a versatile material with endless possibilities which is why it suits me so well. I draw inspiration from all of the previous crafts I've tried and I’m inspired by everything around me. I’m pretty unconventional in how I work, usually sitting down with something in mind to make which often evolves into something entirely different, it could be because the silver has formed itself into a shape that inspires me or that I can’t create my ideas fast enough and somehow two ideas merge into one.

As I’ve always crafted for a hobby and not for a career, I’ve never been restricted and am used to going with what feels right at that moment. When I decided I wanted to turn my passion into a career I had to be quite disciplined and really work on my own signature style which I found when I discovered the art of granulation, I just love the versatility. Occasionally I have the overwhelming urge to try something different, I think it is important to feed that creative impulse as you never know where it may lead, you can find these pieces in my Explore collection.

I hope you like my creations and thank you for taking the time to look at my work. When you support small businesses like mine you make a real difference. Its not just about making a purchase it could be telling a friend or following on instagram and liking my posts, it all helps and it's what allows me to keep doing what I love.